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Reddit Acquires Machine-Learning Platform Spell

Reddit’s mission is to bring community, belonging, and empowerment to everyone in the world, and one of the ways we do this is by connecting people to the topics, interests, and passions they care about the most. Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are important tools that help us make these connections faster and more relevant to people. 

To enhance Reddit’s ML capabilities and improve speed and relevancy on our platform, we’ve acquired machine-learning platform, Spell. Spell is a SaaS-based AI platform that empowers technology teams to more easily run ML experiments at scale. 

With Spell’s technology and expertise, we’ll be able to move faster to integrate ML across our Product, Safety, and Ads teams. Team members from Spell have joined Reddit and will support existing and spearhead new ML projects across the company related to how we identify and classify contextual relevance, organize conversations, customize ad placements, and protect communities. 

As the Spell team joins Reddit, Spell Founder & CEO Serkan Piantino will report to Reddit’s Chief Product Officer Pali Bhat and lead a hyper-focused team as Reddit’s Vice President of Foundational Product.

“Spell has made product experimentation scalable, enabling engineers to efficiently build and run tests on a platform that already integrates the best high-powered computing in a simple UI that makes it simple for non-technical teams to understand and track,” said Bhat. “Serkan and his team are a great fit and we look forward to seeing how their capabilities and talent help us make Reddit simpler, richer, and more relevant.”

In line with Reddit’s ethics-focused approach to ML and AI, Spell has been committed to building products responsibly, including taking proactive steps to mitigate bias, ensure fair outcomes, and provide transparency and choice for all users.



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